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This is one of the most reproduced images in all of human history. The original shows his head close to the top of the image, but many versions exist that show more sky. It must be a hoax then!

Buzz aldrin pose

...Or is it because as Buzz's head that touches the top seems disproportional to the rest, so an extension to the sky was given to re-centre Buzz and make it a more pleasing result?

I have seen 10 year old children being taught in art that the main subject in a painting or photograph should be near the centre if possible. So this picture was adapted to do just that. Anyone thinking that the picture above was a hoax just because of the extra sky, should sit beside these kids and learn something for a change.

How does this imply the original was a fake please? Ten year old children can understand it so why can't these conspiracy nerds get it? They are just embarrassing themselves.