The world of Conspiracies is an increasingly complex one. The area of Fake Satellites is sometimes found within the Moon Hoax conspiracy, the Flat Earth or both. One will try to support the other. Most Fake Satellite followers accept that all satellites / space travel is a complete fabrication regardless of any other belief. They invent their own laws of Physics to try to convince others that they are the new ‘Isaac Newton’s’ without providing any real evidence, mathematics or experiments; just constant strings of words that make sense to them but doesn’t reflect reality in any way.

These two images were taken 1.6km apart, at the same time from our observing site in northern Arizona. If you take into account the two differing starting and finishing points of both satellites and use the angular difference, it is relatively easy to calculate that these were approximately 740 & 940km away respectively. Any amateur can carry out the same experiment but no conspiracy supporter will ever bother.

Gain access to a telescope such as someone with an LX200, ask them if they can zoom in on the International Space Station or any large satellite and allow you to take a peak. Nobody can stop you from doing just this...

fake satellites?

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