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pole reversal

I present another twisted and crazy notion. The earth will tip upside down as it has done regular in the past. Floods and earthquakes will engulf the planet and wipe out most of the human race. Some conspiracy theorists decided to connect it with the non-existent Planet Nibiru. They claim that it is its gravity that will flip the earth over. 

The fundamental mistake such believers make is that the earth has TWO axis, not one. One is the rotational axis from the North to the South Pole; the other is magnetic and is several degrees off pole axis as shown below…

The true pole reversal only refers to the magnetic axis, never the geographical axis. Conspiracy supporters only need to read a school book on earth science to learn of the difference.

A planet close by could not tip over the earth anyway. Its mass is fairly evenly spread throughout the sphere so there is no unbalancing point to pull it over in the first place. A planet can alter its orbital path due to a nearby encounter with a strong gravitational pull, but never tip it over.

Much more detail in our book on Conspiracies & Myths v Science.