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The author's best side posing in front of Apollo 11 in Washington DC.

Apollo 6                        Fernbank Science Center, Atlanta, GA

Apollo 7                        Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas, TX

Apollo 8                        Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, IL

Apollo 9                        San Diego Aerospace Museum, CA

Apollo 10                      Science Museum, London UK

Apollo 11                      Smithsonian, Washington DC

Apollo 12                      Air & Space Center, Hampton, VA

Apollo 13                      Kansas Space Center, Hutchinson, KS

Apollo 14                      Kennedy Space Center, FL

Apollo 15                      US Air Force Museum, Dayton, OH

Apollo 16                      Marshall SF Center, Huntsville AL

Apollo 17                      Johnson Space Center, Houston TX

Apollo Skylab 2           Aviation Museum, Pensacola, FL

Apollo Skylab 3           Science Center, Cleveland, OH

Apollo Skylab 4           Smithsonian, Washington DC

Apollo / Soyuz             Science Center, Los Angeles, CA

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visiting apollo