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​The great moon landing hoax

Any person, organisation, magazine etc supporting such conspiracies should think very carefully about their position. It can very easily be shown where these ideas are going wrong, so it can damage their own status regarding failure to carry out simple investigations in a logical manner. Some people have been bashing on for years about these points and yet they can be torn apart in minutes.

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Any text found on the site in Orange Italics are quotes from

Conspiracy Supporters, or at least represent their point of view. The rest is the correct science!

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Messages are checked once a week or so, the rude comments are ignored, but do reply to civilised messages. I have every intention of making this work a complete and thorough argument against the moon hoax idea; (I won't mention the word 'theory' as it involves evidence; they can't produce any)!

Science is about taking time to explore facts, figures, experiments, being honest and unbiased. Personal views should not be involved. The final conclusion will be far more likely be the correct one. 

If the entire world's population believed the planet to be flat, it will remain a globe regardless of our opinion.

After spending a quarter of a century in full time science teaching in over 5000 venues across Britain and a few in the USA, I have sensed that education has more recently been infiltrated by wishy-washy views rather than real facts. Even people in high office with a massive influence over millions of people are now spreading the same trend. 

​It is my personal goal to help reverse this to give to us a better chance to solve real problems around the globe rather than this terrible and wasteful distraction.

This website and book is a clear example of how this can be achieved and relaunch the excitement for many to exploring our Universe. It is a complex place and there are genuine mysteries to solve; so lets get going and sidestep this nonsense.