The evidence of what went wrong was in the telemetry from the second the explosion occurred . 'Main B Bus undervolt' as reported by Jim Lovell was the first clue. So Fuel Cell B had a problem. Telemetry received at Houston confirmed it in more detail. Plus the pressure from the associated tanks were dropping rapidly and other hardware located next to it began to fail also. They were the first indicators of the cause.

Next was the paper-trail regarding the fuel cell's ground testing. It was discovered that a test had found a faulty component and a repair was ordered. This report was acted upon and temporary solutions were found with a ground based power supply. A full redesigned system was never followed up before launch. The rest you know.  More detail in the revised book.

The evidence is for all to see; no mystery if one bothers to research it properly rather than guess and embarrass yourself as Marcus constantly does. He never admits he is wrong about anything and hope you never bother to research it yourself. All the conspiracy people are just the same to keep their fantasy going for as long as they can. They love to try to be famous for something even though they are supporting total nonsense!

This is the recovery helicopter for Apollo 8, 11 & 13... based in San Diego, California.

If you desire the full explanation of what happened and how the investigation was carried out in more detail than my book; this Haynes Manual is perfect. Conspiracy guys are far to lazy to bother.

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The famous helicopter that plucked the Apollo 13 crew, as well as Apollo 8 & 11, on display in San Diego, California

apollo 13 investigation

One particular hoax supporter, Marcus Allen, points out that without the Command Service Module (CSM) in a laboratory, how could NASA possibly understand what caused the explosion that called off the Lunar Landing?