The last straw he had dealing with his fame was when his barber sold locks of his hair cuttings. Neil detested such actions and took him to court. Neil lost the case and halted most public appearances and autograph hunters since.

The movie 'First Man' shows clearly the kind of person he was; a man of few words, very private, and gets to the point in a conversation. He was like this since childhood; before the moon landing. So why he was ever accused of being a shy recluse after the Apollo 11 flight is a complete mystery. These conspiracy people just can't think logically for one moment.

 armstrong the recluse?

After two years of speeches, shaking hands, opening shopping malls etc Neil Armstrong left NASA in August 1971. He took a lecturing post at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, sharing his knowledge on advanced aviation. Does that make him a recluse? What would it have to do with any potential hoax anyway? All the Apollo astronauts (apart from one) were test pilots; not hungry for fame, but desired the thrill of testing new flying vehicles instead.

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