armstrong's boots

The outer layer of the lunar boot was made from metal-woven fabric, except for the ribbed silicone rubber sole; the tongue area was made from Teflon-coated glass-fibre cloth.

Here we go again folks; Armstrong's famous footprint on the moon. It is reproduced in books and magazines etc all over the globe. But when we see Armstrong's boots being cleaned for a museum display, we don't see the same tread... Got you NASA!

This example shows how shallow a conspiracy supporter's research really is. Below is Neil's full kit laid out. The tread is on the boot covers known as an Overshoe (right side of picture below) that is slipped over the boots before leaving the Lunar Module.  The tread is on the Overshoe, not the boot itself!

Are you getting the picture now of how these people think? Sad isn't it?

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