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The movie 'Interstellar' is a stark warning of what could happen if too many people believed in nonsense. It gave two examples; NASA was driven underground to only produce space missions in secret (moon hoax), and the world's uncontrolled climate change increased crop diseases and eventually produced a starving global population (Trump's fake news).

There are real conspiracies involving warfare and big business, but in science, points made can be proven one way or another just by thinking carefully or experimentation. The purchase of land that became the Johnson Space Center, TX for instance involved a back-handed deal with a rancher, a Congressman and JFK himself. But it had nothing to do with any hoaxed moon landings; it was just a secret business deal that everyone gained from.

​My mission therefore is to decrease the chances of a similar World War 2 scene occurring again by improving individual logical thinking. It is so easy for someone to think of a revolutionary sentence and get millions to believe it. Hitler was a master of it; instead of 6 million people, it could be 6 billion next time. We need to get real, concentrate on genuine issues and solve them - rather than this senseless and pointless distraction into misguided wild fantasy.


This point is mentioned in the book 'Black Earth' by Timothy Snyder.

I am often asked why I have produced this website and book. My main source of motivation comes from a lesson in our past. A certain Adolf Hitler believed in a false conspiracy that the Jewish population is trying to take over the world through politics and big business. This came from another hoax; a false 1903 document that supposed to be the minutes of a Jewish leaders' meeting... The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Then Hitler gained a false impression of Natural Selection of Species that Charles Darwin wrote about. This combination of incorrect beliefs directly caused the Holocaust. Six million people lost their lives as a direct result.

A believer in the Moon Landing Hoax won't cause the same tragedy, but it's the same method of thinking that could. As an example, many people are looking toward the Climate Change issue in the same way. One announced sentence by Donald Trump such as 'Climate Change is a conspiracy invented by China to dump cheap solar panels on our market' and now millions believe it without thinking just as people did with Hitler. 

Let us apply simple logic to Trump's claim; when was the first data recorded relating to Climate Change? Around 1900. When were the first solar panels invented? 1947. When did man-made climate change theory fully materialise? Late 1970s. The first cheap panels from China arrived in the USA around 2000. So does his claim make sense to you? 

I personally predicted back in 1985 that False Conspiracies will one day negatively affect the world again.

If climate change was natural as claimed, then what is causing it?  We never get a proven answer that matches observations. But the calculations from man-made emissions do seem to match what is observed.