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Some say the flag height compared to the horizon shouldn't alter much against the horizon, but it does. How come? A child can answer this one...

 flag height

One picture was taken closer to the flag than the other; the viewing angle has changed. That was tricky wasn’t it? 

Note that the flag's size is still in proportion to the pole height. Even the wrinkles are identical in each picture. It isn't a different flag or pole.

There is a secondary answer to other images in case they don’t understand the first. The surface of the moon wasn’t smooth as a snooker table; it’s a little uneven to say the least. Do observe the next image of a crater that Neil almost landed in. If Neil stepped down into it then all angles to the flag or anything else will change, and the same to walking up a slope. Where is the mystery now? Debunking this conspiracy nonsense is literally child's play.