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I was once asked to describe the workings of the Lunar Module Environment System over a microphone with a few seconds notice... I didn't know where to start - would you?

It would take a fine engineer to explain it properly in exchange for several hours of your time; but freely would if one was approached nicely. This one is on display at the Air Museum at Windsor Locks, CT, USA. Thanks to Daryl Carpenter for these images.

Lunar Module Cooling system

Left; here is one plugged in a Lunar Module after assembly.

If anyone doesn't understand how something works, does that automatically mean it must be fake?

Or do you go on a course, attend lectures, read books etc to find the real answer?

The Lunar Module also had layers of an insulating blanket; a total of 25 layers in fact. The layers of Mylar reflects a large portion of heat while the others slow down its progress into the craft. These are made of glass wool, kapton, nickel foil amongst many others. This blanket prevents most of the heat from reaching the inside even before the internal cooling system is required.