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Today, we cannot fly 100 passengers at Mach 2 to 60,000ft. Apparently a plane once flew as early as 1968 that could do it. It's claimed 16 were built and ran such a service for decades. As it can't be done today, then the whole Concorde scene must be a hoax and the thousands of passengers plus crews are lying to us all... It's a worthless, pointless and dumb argument.

Not Been Back Since!

Since the final moon landing of December 1972, no astronaut has set foot upon the moon. Why not? We can't get an astronaut on the moon today. Aha! If we can't do it now with 21st Century technology then how could the USA possibly do it in the 1960's and 1970's?        It must have been a hoax!

Passenger airships used to cross the Atlantic but no longer. Space Shuttles used to fly up to eight astronauts at a time into orbit and back; no longer.