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I have asked NASA over and over for details on this and that but they never reveal anything. They have something to hide haven't they?

secretive nasa?

A certain conspiracy character, Marcus Allen, often mentions that NASA stands for 'Never A Straight Answer.' He seems to have problems obtaining technical information on various subjects and imagine them keeping secrets.

Well I approach NASA often (there are 11 bases not just the Kennedy Space Center - plus many minor departments across the USA and beyond) but I never had any trouble getting my questions answered. I sometimes literally turn up on the doorstep for such enquiries. On one occasion at NASA HQ in Washington DC, I asked a question regarding the operations of the Hubble Space Telescope and I was given so much material, I had to check in an extra bag for the flight home.

The only simple  difference is that I tell them the information is for educational purposes to support my school planetarium service. The aim of a conspiracy supporter is to accuse NASA of lying, cheating to the history books and swindling the tax payer out of billions of dollars. The approach in seeking answers to questions is the only single difference. I won't waste any more of your valuable time on this one.

I have five other drawers like this one